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In order for true American Patriots to combat this effort being made to destroy The United States of America that we know and love, we have put together a new nonprofit patriot group called ADVOCATE FOR AMERICA with a website at http://AdvocateForAmerica.com. AFAbanner2We have created a sister registration site, designed for registration purposes and totally confidential at http://AdvocatesForAmerica.net. If you would like to help other American Patriots give power and control of America back to We the People, please register at http://AdvocatesForAmerica.net/register and we will keep you informed about goings on, as well as events which you might want to participate  AdvocatesForAmericaBANNER1in, all designed to give We the People the power and control our founders always intended.

America was designed to have a government which is of the people, for the people and by the people, and We the People insist on honoring that creed. Power has long ago been taken from us by this New World Order International group of bankers and elite, and We the People are going to correct that grievous error now and return power to where it belongs.

We believe in a bottom up government, where We the People direct our elected officials to do our will. The NWOI has turned our system of government upside down, and they believe that We the People should do their will.

Not on my shift.


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